FLATLAND and Architectural Desktop get along well enough but there is some overlap between the two applications. In some cases, the overlap does cause strange things to happen. The best example is that both applications have a function simply called Door. When both FLATLAND and ADT are loaded, the function that your going to get is the one parented by the application which appears first in AutoCAD's Support File Search Path.

This works to our advantage, and by understanding the Support File Search Path and establishing some User Profiles, you can setup a workstation to easily toggle back and forth between FLATLAND and ADT.

Here's how:

After installing ADT and FLATLAND, the support path will probably favor ADT, ie: the folders containing ADT files will be nearer the top of the list. Leave them that way and make sure the ADT menu you prefer is loaded.

Now...let's create a user profile for Architectural Desktop: Go to the File pull-down menu and click Options. In the Options dialog box, click the Profiles tab at the top. In the dialog box that appears, click the Add to list button.

In the dialog box that comes up, create a profile simply called Architectural Desktop (or whatever you'd like).

Close the Options dialog box and load the FLATLAND menu, beginning the process of setting up to run FLATLAND.

Once done, go back to File / Options. This time, when the dialog box comes up, click the Files tab at the top. On the list that appears, locate the Support File Search Path and click it open with the + sign. If you completed the configuration that's outlined in the FLATLAND User Handbook (and the inside of the CD cover), your \FL folder should already be on the list. If not, use the Browse button and add it. Then, highlight the \FL folder and use the Move Up button to move it to the top of the list.

Hit the Apply button to save the settings and then click the Profiles tab at the top. Retracing our earlier steps, use the Add to List button and create a profile called FLATLAND.

By restoring these profiles, you can conveniently toggle back and forth between FLATLAND and Architectural Desktop.

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