This problem occurs when AutoCAD's support path isn't setup correctly and FLATLAND can't find the button images. The fix is two part:

First, let's check the support path. Assuming that the FLATLAND menu is loaded, go to the File pull-down menu and select Options. When AutoCAD's options dialog box comes up, select the Files tab at the top (It's usually select by default).

Display the search path by clicking the + sign at next to the heading. The drive and folder where FLATLAND is installed must be included in the list.

If it's not there, use the Add button and locate the folder where FLATLAND's installed.

With the folder highlighted in the file list, click the OK button and AutoCAD should add it to the list. Back in the Options dialog box, click Apply and then OK to clear the screen.

I usually restart AutoCAD after making changes to the file pathes.

Here's the second part of the fix: AutoCAD stores tool button definitions in .mnr files, which are compiled whenever a menu file is compiled. Even though FLATLAND should now be able to find the button images, the appropriate FLATLAND.mnr needs to recompiled.

The easy way to make this happen is to delete the compiled menu file. Close down AutoCAD and start Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer). Go to the folder where FLATLAND is installed. You can make searching around a little easier by setting the view to details and then sorting the list of files by file types.

Find the menu. If you're using AutoCAD Release 14 or older, select the FLATLAND.mnc. For AutoCAD 2000 or newer, select the FLATLAND 2000.mnc.

Right click and delete the file.

Restart AutoCAD. Your menu and menu support files will recompile automatically, after which your tool buttons should look better.

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