I talk to people all the time who suggest "Wow...you must really have a great library of standard details!" My answer always surprises them at first. "Not really" I tell them. "We don't actually have a library at all."

It's the truth...honest, but with some qualification. A library suggests some standard, set aside location where users go to retrieve "canned" details. I've tried this approach and I was quickly dismayed at how much maintenance it took to keep these details up to date.

Instead of the library approach, we look upon all of the work we've produced as a resource. Every project that ArchWorks has ever produced is available at arm's reach on CD...every drawing, every detail, every bit and piece. When we want to reuse something, we automatically get the most up to date version simply by selecting it from the most recent project.

FLATLAND helps in this area in two ways: Most importantly, access to FLATLAND's building materials commands make the development of details quick, easy and accurate. Secondly, FLATLAND's drawing management tools make it easy to keep track of your work.

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